Services provided: Brand Design,Web Design,Web Development,Social Media Marketing

Year: 2010.

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Kupon Kupon Kupon


Analysis & Planning

This project was made with the aim to enable internet users to buy products and services of various categories with discount up to 90%. In accordance with this fact, we did a detailed analysis of this online area as well as the audience that company wanted to get closer.

Phase 2

Structure & Design

As on any site that is rich in content, this time was also really important that the portal was structurally clean and easy to use to their visitor, current and future customers of products and services they offered.

Phase 3


Every website for group buying requires adding new content on daily basis. That is why Kupon needed CMS that ensures that our client could easily manage and maintain content on his own. We did it and implemented CMS created especially for Kupon.

Phase 4

Testing & Launch

Considering that our client has planned a huge number of registered users who will offer and buy products and services, it was necessary that every segment of the site works without any mistake. When we made sure in that, project was launched and today it is one of the most successful sites for group buying in Serbia.