Services provided: Web Design,Web Development,SEO

Year: 2015.

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Weddings Open Concept Weddings Open Concept Weddings Open Concept

Weddings Open Concept

Analysis & Planning

Open concept weddings become more popular and our clients wanted to share with couples their talent for organizing different weddings, weddings to remember. We wanted to create website that reflects a magic that they make during their work.

Phase 2


Design of this website was a real challenge. We wanted to make visitors feel at least at the moment magic of these special weddings and thus to ensure them that this is the best choice for the organization of that unforgettable day. We used elegant fonts, shapes and photographs that represent all decorating knowledge.

Phase 3


By choosing WordPress, we ensured to our clients easy editing of existing texts and images and adding of new content.

Phase 4

Testing & Launch

After testing, we made website available to all couples who are looking for a dream wedding. The result of our work is significantly greater number of couples who decide to celebrate here their special day and to entrust to our client planning of that important life event.