Services provided: Web Design,Web Development

Year: 2015.

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Vileda Vileda Vileda


Analysis & Planning

Vileda, one of the best known brands in the production of mechanical cleaning products, entrusted to us creation of website with all of detailed information on existing products and news related to this brand. We thoroughly analyzed all the requests and made a realization plan in accordance with client requirements.

Phase 2

Structure & Design

Considering that Vileda offers a great number of products, good website organisation was really important for excellent user experience. They wanted to be sure that every visitor could find easily all about some product without boring reading of long and unuseful texts.

Phase 3

Testing & Launch

We tested every part of the website and made it available to all who were looking for mechanical cleaning products. Today, their website has a great number of visitors on daily basis and Vileda has also more loyal buyers of products.