Norma Reclamare 10.01.2017 1

Norma Reclamare can create an original iPhone app that makes easier access to your services. We create an application that enables your brand to grow. We give you advices, share with you our ideas, and it is to you to decide what is the objective of application: fun, providing useful information or something else. We will consider your wishes, goals, your ideas, we will mix it all with our knowledge and long experience and create customized iPhone app.

Norma Reclamare can also develop for you the original Android application that will impress not only you, but also all your customers. In addition to developing a complete package, it is possible to make the small android applications with possibility of further upgrading. You can come just with an idea about what application you need and the goals you want to achieve. Listening good to your wishes, we can easily come to the conclusion what your business needs the most. We will give you access to several equally good ideas and you could choose the most attractive.

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