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If you expect to find on this page a figure that indicates a specific price for the optimization of your site, you are wrong. You are deceived by those who said to you that for SEO service is enough to give once a certain amount of money and a good position on the search engines is guaranteed. After all, if you are the ones who are sadly experienced something like that - you know the best. To avoid it, Norma Reclamare is here to place your site where it belongs and that means as close as possible to the top.

Price of SEO largely depends on the keyword phrases. It is expected that the price is higher if there is a more competitors who work correctly on optimization. Because in this case, SEO process is much more demanding than if it is necessary to reach the top for the low-competition keywords.

In accordance with your activities, preferences and needs, we will create a package for which you can be sure that every penny you gave is invested, not spent. Maybe it sounds pretentious, but we have rich experience and long list of clients whose websites are very well positioned for the most searched phrases in their business on Google. This is what gives us confidence and desire for new challenges.

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