Norma Reclamare 18.01.2017 0

Almost every brand, no matter how successful it is, had at least once a career failure. The competition couldn’t wait to write and talk about it and to share it on the internet. These things are absolutely normal, but too much of a speech on the topic of your failures could affect negatively on your reputation and on your business.

Just imagine how much it would reduce the number of visitors if someone writes on the Internet that he ate poisoned food in your restaurant! No matter if it is not true and it probably comes from your competition that wants to overtake you, many people will avoid your restaurant if they read this kind of news. And if these news are on the first page of Google, it will hardly be skipped. However, if you contact us, you can forget about the negative articles in the initial search locations.

Norma Reclamare is engaged in SEO for many years. We have experience and an extensive knowledge that we constantly improve. We can push down all those texts whose content influents negatively on the reputation of your brand and push to the top the articles that are based on the words of praise about you.

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