Norma Reclamare 25.01.2017 0

A large number of highly successful companies use Twitter for promotional purposes. Thanks to the tweets concerning their latest products, services, sales, events, the number of their users has tripled. If you want to achieve the same, Norma Reclamare is here to help you.

Leading Twitter campaigns, we will tweet for you and inform those who follow you about all important news related to your brand. We know how to attract and maintain the attention of your target audience, how to constantly be present, but not boring. This is also an ideal opportunity to find out what your users have to say about quality of your offer: let the positive comments motivate you and use negative ones as a material for improvement.

Twitter is also one of the ways to find the appropriate people who could become part of your team. If you tweet a job offer, it is likely that someone who follows you will contact you or recommend you to someone. And you must admit this is not only easier, but also more interesting way of finding employee.

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