Services provided: Information System,CRM System,Online Marketing,Social Media Marketing,Maintenance

Year: 2016.

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Pismo Deda Mraza Pismo Deda Mraza Pismo Deda Mraza

Pismo Deda Mraza

Information & CRM system

Pismo Deda Mraza is a fantastic project that from year to year has a growing number of enthusiastic buyers. At it is possible to order for your child a personalized letter from Santa Claus which arrives at the address and on his name in a specially designed paper. Even though an ordinary user can perceive it as an ordinary site, it is a very complex system.

The system includes monitoring of all activities from ordering letters and account creation to its delivery and payment. We have implemented an algorithm that creates a letter depending on what the parent selected and filled in the required fields, letters and envelopes print is automatic and API for courier service allows to check the activities of a service with whom our client cooperates. The information system provides an insight into the activities and spent time of employees, payroll calculation, and CRM allows to maintain a good relationship with customers by periodic reminders, birthday and holiday messages.

The system created specifically for Pismo Deda Mraza has enabled faster and easier information management and quality relationship with the customers who come back every year and recommend this site to their friends.