Services provided: Information System,CRM System,Online Marketing,PR,Maintenance

Year: 2016.

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Information & CRM system

ProMetz is a company dealing with distribution of products imported from countries all around the world. It offers a large number of very useful products that make daily tasks easier and more interesting. In order to provide easier and more effective management of sale, but also a successful customer relationship management, ProMetz needed custom information and CRM system.

Before we started to develop the information and CRM system, we performed a deep analysis of the company. We have created and implemented a system that is fully aligned with the needs and desires of the client’s company. We have adjusted the smallest detail and, given the client's plans for business development, we left open the possibility of upgrade with new modules.

Thanks to unified information and CRM system we have implemented, we enabled our clients a complete management of online sales. It is possible to monitor in one place the activities of employees, orders, to manage information about clients and partners, wholesale, retail, and API for courier services allows to monitor the activities of courier services with whom our client cooperates. It is possible to check any time availability and quantity of some product in the warehouse. Invoices and pro-forma invoices overview is much faster and easier with the system like this.

With integrated information and CRM system specially created for ProMetz, we provided better organization and saved time of our client.